by The Amber

Since I had to throw in a few place holders. The numbering will be a bit off on the comics. I just marked the ends of the gaps so you won't have to skip through many at once. I'm going to have to go back and fill in the gaps soon.

Still working
by The Amber

Saved most of the image files. Just missing a bunch from the middle. It's always the middle, isn't it? frown

by The Amber

I am in the process of archiving the 700+ strips of TS and TJ here. It will take some time as I clean up some things that were halting progress due to the old platform I was using. Once I'm done moving strips, I will probably add stuff that I wanted to before but was a serious hassle because of the tools I was using.  

(I'm kind of hoping this new intimacy of manually uploading them over an extended period of time will give me a new incentive to bring the characters back in some fashion. Wish me luck.)