TS (Terri Simone) is the weird leader of the pack. She has the ability to alter reality but mostly just ends up conjuring bad things when stressed.



TJ (Terrance [Terry] James) is the unknowing sidekick. He likes scary women slightly more than he likes beer and whiskey.




Jennifer Small was initially the evil queen of evil who enjoyed tormenting the others. She had good reason, but it’s better now.




Charles Taylor is an occasional drinking buddy and co-worker who transferred into the other company office a while back.




Dougray Mitchell: the party guy of the group. He is the guy you should be afraid to drink with because he gets it all on video.




Putty the robot is a sentient machine born of nightmares. Given his origins he is pretty harmless, especially as furniture.



Kate Blackthorne may seem mousey, but she is not to be triffled with.




Destiny Sloan: Her name says it all. Guys and girls want to get with her. She seems to be the catch. But is she really?